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Benefit from our data-driven services to support your DE&I journey

Get ahead with our data-driven services that providevaluable insights into your organization’s DE&I progress and equal pay practices. Our customized services are designed to help you take targeted action to createa more inclusive workplace.

Trend analysis

CHF 3’500.-

Key diversity indicators: Access a dynamic dashboard featuring the most important diversity indicators. This provides a snapshot of your organization’s diversity landscape, allowing you to track and measure progress effectively.

Time-based comparisons: Gain insights by comparing diversity indicators over time. This historical perspective empowers you to identify trends and patterns, enabling more informed decision-making.

Downloadable key figures: Download key figure graphics that visually represent your diversity metrics. These downloadable resources offer a convenient way to share and communicate your diversity progress with stakeholders.


Internal benchmark

CHF 7’500.-

Key benchmarking indicators: Access a dynamic dashboard featuring the most crucial diversity benchmarking indicators. This resource provides a comprehensive view of how your business units compare to each other.

Pre-defined business unit comparisons: Easily compare pre-defined business units within your organization. This feature enables you to pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for improvement across various segments of your company.

Downloadable key figures: Download key figure graphics that visually represent your benchmarking performance. These downloadable resources offer a user-friendly way to share and communicate your benchmarking results with stakeholders.

Equal pay analysis

CHF 6’000.-

Thorough analysis preparation and execution: We prepare and execute the necessary analyses to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your situtation regarding equal pay between male and female employees.

Actionable recommendations: Our services go beyond analysis; we provide recommendations to help you address any identified challenges and seize opportunities. These recommendations are empowering you to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

“We Pay Fair” label: If your organization meets the criteria, you’ll have the opportunity to proudly display the “We Pay Fair” label. This label serves as a testament to your commitment to equal pay, providing external recognition for your dedication to fairness in pay. It signifies to your stakeholders, partners, and employees that you prioritize equitable compensation and stand by those principles.

Results presentation

Price upon request

Presentation of key insights: We’ll provide a clear and concise presentation of the key insights we’ve gathered through our analyses. These insights serve as a roadmap to understanding your organization’s diversity and inclusion landscape, enabling informed decision-making.

Fields of action: Alongside these insights, we’ll outline specific fields of action—areas where improvement or focused efforts can yield meaningful results. These actionable recommendations are tailored to your unique needs and strategic goals.

Flexibility for your convenience: We offer flexibility when it comes to the presentation. You can choose between an online presentation or an on-location meeting, depending on your preferences and requirements. We’re committed to ensuring that you receive the insights and strategies in a format that works best for you.

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