Measure and track diversity through our benchmarking dashboards

Utilize our interactive dashboards to assess diversity within your organization, comparing your results against industry peers, tracking your efforts and identify areas for action based on objective data.


Our approach

Understanding the talent dynamics within your organization through a diversity lens across demographics like age, gender, nationality and education is key to setting workforce diversiy goals, making informed decisions and achieving long-term suc-cess. Our comprehensive analysis along the employee lifecycle – recruitment, reten-tion and promotions – delves into the following key questions:

  • Who applies for which jobs? We analyze applicant demographics to provide insights into which talents you are attracing and which talent pools are untapped. This knowledge forms the foundation for optimizing recruitment strategies.
  • How high is the turnover? Which groups of employees are leaving? Our analysis unveils turnover rates across different employee groups enabling targeted retention strategies.
  • Are promotions equitable? We examine the promotions practices within your organization and assess,  how equitably you leverage your internal talent pools.
  • Does the organization offer flexible career paths in different life stages? We measure what career steps along the life stages are possible within your organizational structure, assessing your talent development efforts.

Our organizational analysis offers a data-driven foundation for decision-making, equipping you with the knowledge needed to create a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace.

Basic Access

CHF 2’500.-/year


What we offer:

Comprehensive analysis: We delve into your diversity metrics, benchmarking them against your industry peers. This comprehensive analysis not only identifies areas where you excel but also highlights opportunities for improvement. 

Concise overview: You’ll receive a clear and concise overview that features the most crucial Diversity Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This provides a snapshot of your organization’s diversity landscape, helping you make well-informed decisions. 

Our label to your DE&I commitment: By participating in the HSG Diversity Benchmarking you show that DE&I is important to your company. With our label “We participate” you can send that signal internally and externally. 

What’s included:

Benchmarking options: Choose your preferred benchmark – whether it’s the industry average, industry peers, or the complete HSG Diversity Benchmarking sample. This flexibility allows you to measure your performance against relevant industry standards. 

Downloadable KPI charts: Easily access and download KPI charts that visually represent your diversity progress. These charts offer a straightforward way to share and communicate your achievements. 

Dynamic KPI dashboard: Our dynamic dashboard offers updates on the most vital diversity KPIs. This serves as your control center, enabling you to monitor and manage your diversity initiatives effortlessly. 

“We participate” label: Once your workforce data is ready to be compared you will receive the label “We participate” from University of St.Gallen, which you can use for internal or external communication purposes. 


Pro Access

CHF 4’500.-/year (introductory price)


What we offer:

Comprehensive analysis: We benchmark  your diversity metrics against industry peers, your industry average and all participating companies, providing you with a comprehensive assessment that identifies your areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

Diversity dimensions: Take your analysis to the next level by exploring various diversity dimensions. We also delve into additional job-related dimensions such as hierarchy levels, offering a holistic view of your organization’s diversity landscape.

Tailored to your strategy: We understand that your organization has unique strategic focal points. Our services include an in-depth study of your diversity metrics, customizable to align with your specific needs and goals.

What’s included:

Benchmarking options: Choose your benchmark of choice—whether it’s the industry average, industry peers, or the full HSG Diversity Benchmarking sample. This flexibility enables you to measure your performance against relevant industry standards.

Downloadable KPI charts: Access and download KPI charts that offer a clear visual representation of your diversity progress. These charts provide a convenient way to share your achievements.

Four dynamic KPI dashboards: We offer four predefined dashboards, each tailored to different stages of the employee lifecycle.

Fully customizable dashboard: In addition to the predefined dashboards, you’ll have access to a complete fully customizable dashboard with a comprehensive KPI library featuring filter and search options, allowing you to closely monitor your diversity initiatives.


Data handling & requirements

To ensure a secure data transmission, we will set up an account for you (or the data responsible person) on the University of St.Gallen’s SharePoint, where you can upload the data. You will receive an email with the link to your individual folder and further instructions as soon as data transmission is possible.

Once you provided your company’s data, we will check them for inconsistencies regarding the data requirements and / or previous years. After completing the data check, the analyses will be conducted and uploaded to your dashboard. We will only upload your company’s KPI results – no raw data will be uploaded. In addition, only anonymized results are provided, which means your company’s name, labelling the KPI graphs, is only visible to you.

Download the essential data requirements for the HSG Diversity Benchmarking below to get started:

Download (DE)

Download (EN) 


Until 31 January

Registration for participation in Diversity Benchmarking:


Until 31 March

Data collection according to data requirements (Effort: approx. 4-8h)

If we receive your data by 29 February, you will benefit from the “Early Bird Bonus”: 30’ discussion of your benchmarking results with a DE&I expert

April – June

The CCDI elaborates the data, conducts the analyses, and sets up the dashboards


Access to the dashboards is available


Learn more about HSG Diversity Benchmarking.

Schedule a time to talk with a member of the CCDI team. We’d love to show you how our benchmarking dashboards can help you to track your diversity metrics.

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